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******* There is a limited number of "Flying" memberships.  To inquire about the current status, use the "Contact" page on this website *******

******* Non-Flying Membership is **** OPEN  *******

There are two types of membership in the Nate Abel Flying Club

- Flying

- Non-Flying

A Flying membership is $250 per year plus $40 per month.  Rental for the planes is $35 per hour for the C-150 and $60 per hour for the C-172.  The member renting the plane is responsible for buying the fuel.

Club members needing flight instruction make arrangements for their own instructor.  All instructors must be pre-approved by the club.

To apply for a flying membership print all of the forms shown below.  Mail completed forms to 1925 North Fork Rd. Fort Worth, TX 76179, or you can scan them in and email them to  


Acceptance into the NAFC is at the desecration of club management.

Non-flying membership is $10 per year and anyone can join.  As a non-flying member you participate in all club activities, while supporting the clubs mission of "promoting aviation, especially with our youth".

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