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"Blue Bird"


Cessna 172

General information for NAFC flying members

Weight & Balance worksheet (Blue Bird)

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Owners Manual C-172

General Weight & Balance Information

172 Weight & Balance Calculator

Weight & Balance Worksheet C-172

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"Blue Bird" our C-172


Tire pressure:
               The Pilot Operating Handbook recommends 26 psi for the nose wheel tire,  23 psi for the main landing gear tires.

Oil level:
               Blue Birds oil dipstick shows a max of 8 quarts of oil.  For local flights there should be a minimum of 6 quarts on the dip stick.  For longer cross country trips start with at least 7 quarts showing on the dipstick.  Depending on the length of the trip you may want to carry some oil with you.  If you must add oil it’s best to add a full quart if you can, but don’t over fill.  Oil in quart bottles is available in the hangar.

               Blue Bird holds a total of 42 gallons of fuel.  5 gallons is unusable leaving 37 gallons of usable fuel.  Always top off both wing tanks.  A good rule of thumb to determine how much fuel is required is to multiply the flight tach time by 8 and then round up.

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