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Cessna 150


Pilot Operating Handbook C-150

General Weight & Balance information

150 Weight & Balance Calculator

Weight & Balance Worksheet C-150 (Tweety)

Information for NAFC flying members

“Tweety” our C-150

Tire pressure: 

               The Pilot Operating Handbook recommends 30 psi for the nose wheel tire,  21 psi for the main landing gear tires. 

Oil level:

               Tweety’s oil dipstick shows a max of 6 quarts of oil.  For local flights there should be a minimum of 5 quarts on the dip stick.  For longer cross country trips start with 6 quarts (or close to it) showing on the dipstick.  Depending on the length of the trip you may want to carry some oil with you.  If you must add oil it’s best to add a full quart if you can, but don’t over fill.  Oil in quart bottles is available in the hangar.


               Tweety holds a total of 26 gallons of fuel.  3.5 gallons is unusable leaving 22.5 gallons of usable fuel.  Because of performance issues, for local flights we only put a total of 9 gallons in each wing tank.  Of the total 18 gallons on board only 14.5 gallons is usable.  Use the fuel level dip-stick (kept in the plane) to determine how much fuel to add in each tank.

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