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Our Club


Who Are Our Members

Our members range from high school students learning to fly, to some who started flying back in the 1950's.

We have members who fly for the airlines, some members are ex-military and others just love to fly.

We hold FAA certificates including Student, Private, Commercial and ATR with ratings for Flight Instructor, Multi-Engine, Sea Plane, Instrument,  Instrument Instructor and A&P.  Everyone shares their knowledge, experiences and hanger flying stories.

Nate Abel Flying Club


The NAFC is a 501-3c not-for-profit company.  The two planes owned by the club are located at Hicks Airfield (T67).  The airport is at - 100 AVIATOR DR. Fort Worth, Texas 76179.  (About 12 miles northwest of downtown Fort Worth).

The club maintains full membership of around 44 flying members.  Club meetings are the last Saturday of each month at 9:00 AM in hanger 456. 


Guests are welcome.

Forming NAFC

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